BlitzGreymon [EX4-051] (Alternate Art) [Alternative Being Booster]
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BlitzGreymon [EX4-051] (Alternate Art) [Alternative Being Booster]

Set: Alternative Being Booster
Card type: Digimon
Rarity: Super Rare
Digi type: Cyborg
Play Cost: 12
Form: Mega
Attribute: Virus
Digivolve Cost: 4
Digivolve Cost Level: 5
[Digivolve: 3 from [MetalGreymon]] [When Digivolving] Activate 1 of the effects below. • [De-Digivolve 1] 3 of your opponent's Digimon. • 1 of your other Digimon digivolves into a level 6 or lower Digimon card with [Garurumon] in its name in your hand without paying the cost. • This Digimon and one of your other Digimon may DNA digivolve into a Digimon card in your hand for the cost.
[When Attacking] [Once Per Turn] If this Digimon has [Omnimon] in its name, return 1 of your opponent's level 5 or lower Digimon to the bottom of its owner's deck.