DarkKnightmon [EX4-047] [Alternative Being Booster]
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DarkKnightmon [EX4-047] [Alternative Being Booster]

Set: Alternative Being Booster
Card type: Digimon
Rarity: Rare
Digi type: Dark Knight/Twilight
Play Cost: 8
Form: Ultimate
Attribute: Virus
Digivolve Cost: 4
Digivolve Cost Level: 4
[On Play] Until the end of your opponent's turn, 1 of your Digimon gains [Blocker]. If DigiXrosing, [De-Digivolve 1] 1 of your opponent's Digimon. [On Deletion] Reveal the top 2 cards of your deck. Add 1 card with the [Blue Flare] or [Twilight] trait among them to your hand, Trash the rest. [DigiXros -2 [SkullKnightmon] × [DeadlyAxemon]]
[Opponent's Turn] [Once Per Turn] When an opponent's Digimon attacks, if this Digimon is [GreyKnightsmon], you may switch the target of attack to this Digimon.