Fusionize [BT11-105] [Dimensional Phase]
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Fusionize [BT11-105] [Dimensional Phase]

Set: Dimensional Phase
Card type: Option
Rarity: Uncommon
Play Cost: 1
When you would use this card, if you have a [Snatchmon] in play, reduce the cost by 1. [Main] By placing 1 [Vemmon] or [Destromon] from your trash under 1 of your Digimon as its bottom digivolution card, you may digivolve 1 of your Digimon into 1 [Destromon] or [Galacticmon] from your trash for its digivolution cost.
[Security] You may reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. Play 1 [Vemmon] among them without paying the cost. Trash the rest.