GraceNovamon [EX5-073] (Textured) [Animal Colosseum]
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GraceNovamon [EX5-073] (Textured) [Animal Colosseum]

Set: Animal Colosseum
Card type: Digimon
Rarity: Secret Rare
Digi type: Galaxy
Play Cost: 15
Form: Mega
Attribute: Vaccine
Digivolve Cost: 6
Digivolve Cost Level: 6
([DNA Digivolve] [Apollomon]+[Dianamon]: Cost 0) Digivolve unsuspended with the 2 specified Digimon stacked on top of each other. [Security A. +1] [Blocker] [When Digivolving] [When Attacking] If DNA digivolving, trash any 8 digivolution cards from your opponent's Digimon. Then, delete 1 of their Digimon with their Digimon with as many or fewer digivolution cards as this Digimon. [All Turns] When this Digimon would leave the battle area by an opponent's effect, by trashing 2 same-level cards in this Digimon's digivolution cards, prevent it from leaving.