Keenan Crier [EX4-064] (Alternate Art) [Alternative Being Booster]
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Keenan Crier [EX4-064] (Alternate Art) [Alternative Being Booster]

Set: Alternative Being Booster
Card type: Tamer
Rarity: Rare
Play Cost: 4
[Start of Your Turn] If you have 2 memory or less, set your memory to 3. [All Turns] When one of your purple Digimon with [Ravemon] in its name or [Bird] or [Avian] in one of its traits is deleted, by suspending this Tamer, [Draw 1] (Draw 1 card from your deck). If that Digimon was deleted by an effect, gain 1 memory.
[Security] Play this card without paying the cost.