Satsuki Tamahime [BT14-086] (Alternate Art) [Blast Ace]
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Satsuki Tamahime [BT14-086] (Alternate Art) [Blast Ace]

Set: Blast Ace
Card type: Tamer
Rarity: Rare
Play Cost: 3
[Security] Play this card without paying the cost. [Start of Your Main Phase] If your opponent has a Digimon, gain 1 memory. [Main] [Mind Link] with 1 of your Digimon with [Numemon] or[Monzaemon] in its name, or the [DigiPolice] trait. (Place this Tamer as that Digimon's bottom digivolution card if there are no Tamer cards in its digivolution cards.)
[All Turns] While this Digimon has [Numemon] or [Monzaemon] in its name, or the [DigiPolice] trait, it gains [Jamming] and [Reboot]. [End of All Turns] You may play 1 [Satsuki Tamahime] from this Digimon's digivolution cards without paying the cost.