Zhuqiaomon Ace [EX5-013] [Animal Colosseum]
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Zhuqiaomon Ace [EX5-013] [Animal Colosseum]

Set: Animal Colosseum
Card type: Digimon
Rarity: Rare
Digi type: Holy Bird/Four Sovereigns
Play Cost: 7
Form: Mega
Attribute: Virus
Digivolve Cost: 4
Digivolve Cost Level: 5
[[Digivolve] Lv.5 w/[Deva] trait: Cost 3] [Hand] [Counter] [Blast Digivolve] (One of your Digimon may digivolve into this card without paying the cost.) [When Digivolving] [When Attacking] [Once Per Turn] By deleting 1 Digimon with the [Deva] trait or 6000 DP or less, this Digimon gains [Security A. +1] for the turn. [On Deletion] Delete 1 of your opponent's Digimon with the highest DP. Overflow "-4" (When this card would move from the battle area or under a card to another area, lose 4 memory.)